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The NHS – Private Companies. Lack of Performance and Accountability

We are being snuck into private healthcare, but with a fraction of the service level you would expect if it were our private choice, using medical insurance instead of this crippled institution. Sadly, as well as the public now paying the price, the poor genuine people employed in the NHS are also facing the brunt of inhumane treatment and desperately sick people. Many of us have seen the disgusting behaviour of some entitled individuals that abuse people and show disregard to the NHS staff, but in recent years, I can honestly say that I have witnessed much more disrespect and verbal abuse, inhumane and lack of dignity coming from the staff to patients. It’s a crisis, and the two ends are clashing at the coal face while the real people to blame are hiding and scheming to get the rich, richer. GPs are completely overwhelmed, hence the new NHS TV advert to now go to the pharmacist with some sicknesses, this however is also dangerous. My wife was recently advised to take a medicine that w
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Post Office Scandal - Action

I’m sure like everyone else, I was completely blown away with the injustice and outrageous treatment of the poor honest people on the Mr Bates Vs The Post Office. I guess, especially for those of us that have suffered losing everything and for me feeling let down by the system which for me was a large fraud of cash from our business. But the scale of this thing is just enormous and the tragedy it caused is simply irreversible. We were just gasping with shock as it escalated and in tears at the families torn apart in this huge miscarriage of justice. Our thoughts and prayers in particular go to the families of Martin Griffiths, Fiona Mcgowan, Peter Huxham and Louise Mann, plus the 30+ others who will never see true justice. It was absolutely infuriating to see what these innocent people went through, and I was delighted to see how Alan Bates dug his heels in to take on such a huge institution owned by the government, I loved that. But after watching the ITV program I can’t stop thinking

Conduct, Lies and Corruption: My unanswered complaint to the Conservative Party Feb 2022

01/02/22 Original Letter Sent by email... Dear Nadine Dorries, I wanted to write to you to express my concern about the integrity of the government you represent. I am not a political person and am not loyal to any political party. Until these recent years I never even took an interest. I did not trust any particular politician or party and just got on with the daily life of working, parenting, and living lawfully. However, I’m now at my wits end and feel sick to my bones and quite frankly when I just watched your video defence on national TV (C4) for me, that was the last straw. Before yesterday I did not even know who you were and when I heard you childishly and angrily defend this corruption and lies with playground responses like “he said it first” and finalised with “The PM tells the truth”. That is the last straw. Then I looked you up. Only to be horrified to learn that you’re the MP around where I live. In Flitwick/Ampthill. I couldn’t be more embarrassed and sickened to think y

The Broken UK NHS - A Patients View

 I've just seen the details of desperation and despair from an Emergency Doctor that was shared today. Sadly I have been a regular visitor to various NHS hospitals over the last 6 years and we really have seen all the good the great and the terribly sad due to the whole system bursting at the seems. This is not criticism of staff per se, I'm supporting them. Its not an 'opinion' but its what I have seen and I will share to help, a patients recent perspective I think adds weight to what that disastrous situation the doctor is describing.  In the last two weeks we have needed to attend A&E and I want to share what I witnessed.  Two weeks  ago I went in the morning. I was completely blown away. It was packed. I thought I was queuing up at a turnstile for a sports event. Once we were checked in, we tried to find a seat but there wasn't any. It was very enclosed and lots of cold and flu symptoms and especially sad to see so many children. This is bang in the middle o

Never give up & Never stop believing. My Story

To understand why I launched Profit in Poor, im disclosing some of the trauma, drama and bud luck I've had along the way. I also know that there are people worse off than me. But I hope at least one person reads this and changes there mind if they are considering the disaster option. I know they may even think that there family would be better off without them, but i hope they realise they can survive, the clouds will clear if they don't give up. In the meantime, we must put a stop the these private companies profiting from people in there darkest time. Put your feet up, this is a 10 minute read. It was January 2018. It was the lowest, scariest time of my life. I was walking along the Southbank walking back from the hospital. I had done this many times already and I was in a daze. I was terrified that I was losing my wife and as well as that, albeit much less important, I was on the brink of losing my 2nd home in a few years. I had been trying to hide my real internal terror fr

Open Letter & Invitation to Debt Collection Private Company Directors.

Dear Sir/Madam We are writing to you because you are a private company that under the title of ‘financial services’, you carry out purchasing of debt and then pursuing this for profit in a sales fashion. A quick online investigation reveals that you are of course a debt collection agency, and also exposes some very alarming comments from experiences from members of the public, that have felt threatened and intimidated by your company and its methods. This has presented a tale of woes. We are fully aware that in existing laws that if you are non-compliant there are various options open to people. They could make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the FCA of your actions. If appropriate they could also take this matter forward as a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and Information Commissioners Office. They could take advice from the support organisations you normally list (as you are required to do) in your letters like Money Advice Servic